SHSMD 2021 Most Recent Content Buffet

By The SHSMD Team posted 09-01-2021 09:53 AM

Keeping marketers, planners, business developers and communicators at the top of mind, SHSMD produces its blog – viewpoint strategies for success and Rapid Insights podcast series throughout the year, to keep its membership apprised of relevant and important topics from the field. This past year, SHSMD released 12 podcasts and 25 blogs highlighting the best of its educational and membership offerings, including topics such as: leadership in the time of COVID-19, connecting leaders via social media, the impact of AI on health care marketing, 2021 SHSMD Connections annual conference sessions, creating meaningful health care campaigns, etc. to name a few.

SHSMD Most Recent Podcasts:

Humanizing Social Media for Meaningful Connections that Matter 
The Growing Importance of Behavioral Health in the COVID and Post-COVID Landscape 
Making Societal Factors Part of a Health Equity Strategy 
Post Pandemic Media Relations 
You’re Solving the Wrong Problem: It’s Not Your Strategy Falling Short, It’s Your Strategy Execution 
Building Population Health Neighborhoods: Learn How a Person’s Zip Code Can Actually Determine Their Health 
Long COVID: Enabled By Social Media, Patients Define An Urgent New Need 
How Clubhouse Conversations are Connecting Healthcare Researchers, Practitioners, Patients, and More.... Join the Club 
Improving Patient Experience and Access to Care with a Dynamic Mobile Wayfinding Platform 
The New Powerhouse Combination: Driving Measurable Demand With Meaningful Brand 
Creating Meaningful Healthcare Campaigns for Multi-cultural Audiences 

Recent Blogs:

Continue the Conversation - Vaccine Hesitancy in Your Communities 
Making Societal Factors Part of a Health Equity Strategy 
‘e-Patient Dave’ Shares What Health Care Marketers Can Learn from COVID-19 Long Haulers Use of Social Media 
AHA, SHSMD Host Webinar Examining Vaccine Hesitancy, Strategies for Health Care Organizations 
Ochsner Revs Up National Remote Patient Monitoring Plan 
The New Powerhouse Combination: Driving Measurable Demand With Meaningful Brand 
Patient Empowerment through Social Media: How Long COVID Sufferers Identified an Urgent New Need 
SHSMD Members Meet Up to Discuss How They’re Preparing for a Post Pandemic Future
Clubhouse Conversations: Connecting Healthcare Researchers, Practitioners, Patients and More 
4 Key Takeaways from COVID-19 Town Hall on Rural Communities’ Vaccination Challenges 
Acts of Sponsorship — Realizing the Potential of Diverse SHSMD members 
Using Patient Data to Engage the C-Suite in a Brand Experience
Leadership in the Time of Coronavirus
Remembrances, Recognition and Milestones During the Pandemic Year
7 Principles to Guide Health Care Strategists Through COVID Chaos and Beyond
The Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Health Care Marketing
To Advance Health Equity, You Must Invest in Communities

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