Flash Mentorship

What is Flash Mentorship?
New to the SHSMD Mentorship Program, Flash Mentorship was created for Mentees interested in working through a specific task or project with a Mentor. This is done through a one-time meeting scheduled by the Mentee after the Mentor accepts the request for mentorship.

Why Flash Mentorship?
Flash Mentorship removes the 6-month commitment that is required in Traditional Mentorship, and gives the opportunity of mentorship to Mentees and Mentors who do not have the capacity for the long-term program.

Can I change my mentorship status from Traditional Mentoring to Flash Mentoring?

Yes, you can change you mentorship status at any time by going to your Mentor or Mentee profile and editing your preferences.

How do I sign up for Flash Mentoring?

Step 1: Complete your Mentor/Mentee enrollment form. This is where you can tell others a bit about you, your history, what you hope to get out of the experience, and whether you prefer Flash Mentorship or the full six-month commitment.
Tip: You can change your preference for type of mentorship at any time! You can do so by going to your Mentor or Mentee profile and editing your preferences.

Step 2: Mentees search the SHSMD Mentorship Directory for a Mentor. Mentees send an invitation to a Mentor requesting a relationship and the relationship begins once the Mentor accepts the invitation.

Tip: Got a SHSMD member in mind but not seeing them in the SHSMD Mentorship Directory? You are welcome to browse the SHSMD Membership Directory for members who are not already participating in the SHSMD Mentorship Program and send a letter to a potential member.

Step 3: You will receive an email notifying you that the Mentor has accepted or declined the request. Once accepted, it is the Mentee’s responsibility to reach out at this point to set up a meeting.