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Looking to further your career, ignite an innovative new idea, develop your strengths or give back to the health care strategy community?

The SHSMD Mentorship Program is right for you.

Whether in the same city or across the globe, Mentees can connect with Mentors for six months to collaboratively explore and work toward goals outlined in the Mentee’s Development Plan, or try the newly available Flash Mentorship, an opportunity to work through a specific task, skill or project.

Participation is simple and open to all SHSMD members. Here’s how it works:
Before you begin the program, fill out “My Profile.”

The SHSMD Mentorship Program is one of many benefits of SHSMD membership.

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Step 1: Complete your Mentor/Mentee enrollment form. This is where you can tell others a bit about you, your history and what you hope to get out of the experience, and whether you prefer Flash Mentorship or the full six-month commitment.

Tip: You can change your preference for type of mentorship at any time! You can do so by going to your Mentor or Mentee profile and editing your preferences.

Step 2: Mentees search the SHSMD Mentorship Directory for a Mentor. Mentees send an invitation to a Mentor requesting a relationship and the relationship begins once the Mentor accepts the invitation.

Tip: Got a SHSMD member in mind but not seeing them in the SHSMD Mentorship Directory? You are welcome to browse the SHSMD Membership Directory for members who are not already participating in the SHSMD Mentorship Program and send a letter to a potential member.

For Flash Mentorship: You will receive an email notifying you that the Mentor has accepted or declined the request. Once accepted, it is the Mentee’s responsibility to reach out at this point to set up a meeting. Click here for more information on Flash Mentorship.

For Traditional Mentorship , continue to the steps below:

Step 3:
Get to know each other and agree on terms. This includes discussing communication preferences and setting a meeting schedule. Meetings typically take place once a month for about 30 minutes.

Step 4: Together, create a Development Plan and spend time putting plans into action. Relationships typically last about six months.

Tip: We suggest that Mentees read Bridging Worlds to identify skills to work on.

Step 5: Review the relationship and Development Plan, assessing progress and accomplishments.

Tip: Ask yourself the following questions: Did I reach my goals? Did I learn something? Do I feel more confident?

Step 6: Conclude or renew your relationship.


All participants should:

  • Fill out their Mentor/Mentee Profile with as much detail as possible to aid in finding the best match.
Traditional Mentorship participants should:

  • Attend scheduled kick-off call and subsequent meetings.
  • Make at least a 6-month commitment to the match.
Flash mentorship participants should:

  • Attend meetings with questions and tasks prepared.

Still have questions? See our Mentorship FAQs.

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"My mentee and I are off to a great start. She is so engaged, focused and proactive. I’m enjoying this relationship and grateful to the SHSMD team for launching this program."

Christine Albert, MPP, APR
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications
LCMC Health

"With the absence of most in-person conferences, this is a great way to make connections with others in our field who can help guide your career or chat about ideas!"

Amy Jose
Marketing Strategist
Masters Student

“I feel incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to meet with my mentor. Her experience is invaluable and she’s willing to share her knowledge with me in an honest and actionable way.”

Amanda Polecek
Marketing Coordinator
Kearney Regional Medical Center