Ms. Monika O'Clair

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I love to do everything…seriously.

The field of Communications has made it possible for me to use my talents in areas where I feel passion – like health care.

With 15 years of experience in New Hampshire health systems, I've worn many hats and I enjoy them all. The last health system I worked for included a hospital, two urgent care centers, 25 hospital-owned physician practices, a fitness center and a foundation. I currently work in a critical access hospital in the beautiful Eastern Lakes Region of NH.

Some of my professional hats include:

~ Strategist
~ Communications Leader
~ Community Health Improvement Researcher
~ Creative Marketer
~ Writer
~ Photographer

In my current position, I oversee strategic planning, communication, performance improvement, community health initiatives, philanthropy and marketing as well as the customer relations, patient advocacy and patient experience initiatives.

I'm a doer and a passionate leader. I use both sides of my brain to be both analytical and creative. I get things done. I have fun. I also have strong beliefs in what is right and wrong, with a focus on maintaining integrity. I prefer to make my decisions based on facts and logic – just call me Ms. Spock.