Kelly Baker

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I live in Kansas with my husband, 2 girls, 3 dogs and 1 tortoise. Although, I feel like I live a very mid-west life now, my journey before this was that of a risk-taking gypsy! 
After graduating from Kansas State University with a concentration in Theatre Management (professional organizer and problem solver), I moved to the sunny state of California.  I happened into a project management job in El Segundo working for Mattel. There I designed for their tradeshows team and learned a lot about corporate creative life! 
My next journey took me to the other side of the country to the ever-busy city of New York. I was offered a job at Julliard to stage manage for their music department. I mainly worked with their jazz department and solo recitals for students. I was able to help out with a few theatre shows but started to find myself taking on freelance jobs and assisting a production company for their regular gigs as well.  My adventure had me working everything from the Tony awards to President Obama's Inauguration. 
Due to lack of sleep during that time, but really do to a family medical situation, I found myself temporarily living in Kansas to help out family for a planned time of about 6 months.
6 months has now turned into 9 years and I have had a wide variety of opportunities with different organizations working as a marketing lead for a property management company, assistant to the City Manager and now as a manager for the Marketing and Communications Department for a regional non-profit hospital and healthcare organization. 
In my spare time, I enjoy anything that is crafty or involves spending time with my family. I feel I stay pretty busy overall and am enjoying the midwest life once again.