Member Spotlight

  • Carol Koenecke-Grant named vice president of strategy and marketing at Regional Medical Center.

    SHSMD member and former board member Carol Koenecke-Grant is now the VP of strategy and marketing at Regional Medical Center.
  • Spectrum Health names Tina Freese Decker new President and CEO

    SHSMD member Tina Freese Decker has been named President and CEO of Spectrum Health. During her 16-year tenure at Spectrum, she helped implement a $300 million electronic records system and played a key role in mergers and partnerships between Spectrum and other hospitals, among other accomplishments.
  • Stacey Brandt named SVP and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Tampa General

    Stacey Brandt will be the new SVP and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Tampa General Hospital, with her responsibilities including the launch of a new brand campaign as well as new service lines. Congratulations, Stacey!
  • SHSMD member Les Lifter recognized for innovative marketing

    Les Lifter was recognized for his innovative marketing campaign for Stanford Children's Health. To quote the press release, "To help build awareness of Stanford Children's Health and its centerpiece Packard Children's Hospital of Stanford, Lifter created a marketing campaign vastly different from other healthcare marketing efforts using a visual style common in children’s literature to promote the organization’s uniqueness and make it more approachable."
  • WVU Medicine Jefferson Medical Center to open new facilities

    SHSMD member Teresa McCabe shared news of the new operations rooms and a 5,400-square-foot surgical center that will include a surgical preparation area, a post-operation recovery area and a larger waiting area. This expansion will enable new kinds of operations as well as more operations.
  • Silver Cross Hospital wins 7 Pinnacle Awards

    The Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations gave 7 of its Pinnacle Awards to Silver Cross Hospital during its annual conference. The Silver Cross Senior Fair won a special Award of Excellence.

    The award-winning SHSMD members at Silver Cross include Tracy Simons of New Lenox, executive director of the Silver Cross Foundation and Karen Helman of Orland Park, manager of marketing and community relations.
  • Sparrow names Ilene Cantor as Vice President of Marketing and Communications

    Ilene Cantor, who has broad experience in healthcare marketing and media, has been named as Sparrow’s new Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

    In her role, Cantor will be a key member of Sparrow Health System’s executive team, providing coordinated leadership, direction and guidance in the areas of communication and public relations, brand management, internal and external marketing, messaging, media relations, and communications.
  • Stephen Moegling Joins Hailey Sault As Senior Vice President Of Growth

    Hailey Sault announced that Stephen Moegling has joined the health care and cause-related marketing communications company as its new Senior Vice President of Growth.

    Moegling, a well-known figure in the health care marketing industry, will work closely with the company's leadership, strategic marketing and creative teams. In his role, he will share the Hailey Sault story in the marketplace, as well as write and speak about trends and opportunities that impact health and cause-driven brands. In addition, Moegling plans to develop new products and services designed to help the needs of health and cause-driven brands.
  • Randy McDaniels Receives 2017 ISHMPR Individual Achievement Award

    McDaniels Healthcare Marketing, a communications firm headquartered in Pekin, recently received 8 Pinnacle Awards in a ceremony sponsored by its peers. The ceremony was held in Chicago, as part of the 2017 Fall Conference (November 2-3) for the Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations (ISHMPR). Each year, the Pinnacle Awards are presented for excellence in healthcare marketing and public relations.

    In addition, Randall McDaniels, president and CEO of the agency, received the Individual Achievement Award, which is presented every year to a nominated ISHMPR member who has shown outstanding work in planning, marketing or public relations/communications in the healthcare industry. The company’s award-winning work further testifies to this achievement.
  • Baystate’s Jane Albert Embraces Change in Many Ways

    From her early days in marketing, Jane Albert had a goal — to work in the field of healthcare, and specifically for Baystate Health, the region’s largest health system. To achieve that goal, and eventually be part of the organization’s senior leadership, she was willing to take risks, welcome new opportunities as they arose, and continually make connections — all the while never losing sight of who her customers are and how to most effectively meet their needs.

    When she was 8 years old, Jane Albert was the only one of her friends allowed to ride her bike from her Springfield neighborhood all the way to City Line Pharmacy in East Longmeadow. She immediately saw the money-making possibilities.

    “I would buy candy there and set up a table on my front lawn to sell candy to all the kids in my neighborhood, and I’d mark the candy up,” she said. “I evaluated the demand for certain types of candy; at first, I bought what I liked, but then I saw what they were buying.”

    When someone would complain about the prices, she’d note they could easily ride to the pharmacy and buy their own. Except that they couldn’t.

    What she didn’t realize at the time, she said, was that she was exercising the four ‘Ps’ of marketing that students of the subject learn in college: product, price, place, and promotion. “The candy was the price, and the price was the markup based on the demand. The place was local — my front yard — and promotion was word of mouth; kids rode their bikes around and said, ‘Jane’s selling candy.’”

    While Albert didn’t know at the time that marketing and business development would become her career and driving passion, it’s easy now to look back and recognize an early aptitude for it — and the connecting threads between candy and healthcare as she settles into her latest role at Baystate Health, as senior vice president of Marketing, Communications & External Relations.

    “It all goes back to that entrepreneurial spirit — even in healthcare, what do people want, and how do we deliver that and make them happy? And how do you determine what people want, or give them something they can’t get somewhere else?”​​​