Go Beyond Celebration: Make Black History Month Meaningful

By The SHSMD Team posted 02-27-2024 02:19 PM


Go Beyond Celebration: Make Black History Month Meaningful

Black History Month is a powerful opportunity to deepen understanding, build bridges, and ignite action. This Black History Month, let's move past token gestures and create lasting impact. Invest in learning, support Black voices, and take action together. This isn't just about a month, it's about building a more equitable future, one step at a time.

Here are 5 ways to engage your team in a journey beyond celebration:

1. Invest in Growth: Commit to personal and professional DEI development. Enroll in a DEI training together as a team to expand your knowledge and empathy.

2. Support & Spotlight: Empower Black-owned businesses! Surprise your team with gifts or lunch from local heroes, boosting the community while learning their stories.

3. Knowledge is Power: Encourage active learning. Launch a Black History Month learning challenge! Share insightful articles, host discussions, and ignite curiosity through shared discoveries.

4. Celebrate & Amplify: Shine a light on internal stars! Recognize and celebrate the achievements of African, Caribbean, and Black Americans within your organization, fostering inclusivity and pride.

5. Go Beyond Words: Put your values into action! Volunteer as a team with a Black-led non-profit in your community. Make a tangible difference by contributing your time and talents. 

Remember, genuine connection and sustained commitment are key. Let's make Black History Month a springboard for lasting change, creating a world where every voice is heard, and every contribution valued.