Tweet-Sized Takeaways from SHSMD Connections

By The SHSMD Team posted 09-27-2019 16:38

While three Cs and three Ds look bad on a report card, they looked great at SHSMD Connections (another "C"). The three Cs that emerged from attendee reflections are consumerism, change and caring and the three Ds are disruption, digital and data. Add an "I" for innovation just for extra measure.

All of these are interdependent factors. You can't have consumerism without caring, you can't respond to disruption without data and you can't face disruption unless you're ready not just for change but to change. And innovations is the theme that runs through them all.

Here are some of the especially thought-provoking responses to our request for key takeaways during the keynote session by Zeev Neuwirth,  Why Medicine Must Adopt a Consumer-Oriented Marketing Mindset.

  • #empathy and its importance in everything we do.
  • Humor creates empathy, community, trust.
  • Need to connect/begin with patients' values, not just needs.
  • Remember to be easy on myself: win some and learn some.
  • Don't wait for change to happen, embrace risk.
  • If you're feeling stuck, look outside your domain: take an outside-in approach to find creative solutions.
  • More than ever, need to lead with the why and let the how drive from that!
  • Be more courageous about failure in order to make room for innovation.
  • Data is king; use it.
  • There's a continuum from data to information to knowledge to wisdom.
  • There is not one single source, you must choose best of class for technical solutions (CRM, reporting, etc.).
  • Understand the questions patients are asking by reviewing your structured data and use that as the foundation of your marketing.
  • Reframe disruption.
  • Constantly ask questions and challenge the way it's always been done.
  • Disrupt your routine when you find yourself being complacent.
  • Don't be afraid to disrupt the norm to prioritize purpose.
  • To really meet the needs of people, we cannot use the traditional health care model. Customer-centric standards have been set outside our industry.
  • Digital anything and everything is picking up speed.
  • Create a digital transformation plan - if you don't, someone else will.
  • We need a formal digital transformation strategy with timelines and executive and provider support.
  • To reach millennials, information needs to be relevant and authentic; online star ratings and reviews are valued.
  • Health care needs to continue to innovate to better serve patients.
  • More strategy and process: master planning and innovation design.
  • Strategy-driven prioritization: doing less with less by using processes that support prioritization of decisions that drive value.
  • Look outside our industry for other innovation ideas.

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