7 Tips for Video Marketing Without A Budget

By The SHSMD Team posted 07-04-2017 13:58


Video Marketing
With a 19.8% increase in the amount of time people spent consuming online video each day in the last year, the resulting rise in demand for video is explosive. Between a day at the office and checking your social media accounts, you’ve probably watched several videos today.

But did you know the retention rate for visual information can be as high as 65 percent while text is only 10 percent? 

From your leadership to your competitors, everyone understands the need to produce more video content. If you want to be a video content hero, the good news is you have a treasure trove just waiting to be accessed. For marketing leaders in the healthcare industry, physicians and other professionals are ready, willing and able to share their knowledge.

No budget? No problem! You don’t need an RFP, a consultant or a vendor. By grabbing existing resources to highlight in-house experts, a small team at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) produced hundreds of videos to cover population health, patient experience, physician features, social media and content marketing.

So how can you produce video content quickly and efficiently? With a little elbow grease and some sweat equity; start with this checklist to begin planning your strategy:

Use What You Already Have
This includes people, places and things. Make a list of:

  • Physicians who will communicate well on camera
  • Locations in your facility
  • Equipment owned by your department or readily available to borrow from another division

Find Your Dream Team
Brainstorm with staff (in your department and others) and gather a group of people who think outside the box. Ideas for videos include health topics in the news, as well as subjects no one wants to talk about but everyone looks up online. Ask your experts to collaborate with you – they will be able to share the questions most frequently asked by patients.

Get a Toolkit
You might be surprised to learn that your smartphone can not only provide footage for live social media promotions, but the camera quality is good enough to film physician interviews.

Audio is key, so make sure to get a microphone. You can get one that does what you need without spending a lot of money.

Prep Your Talent
Before the day of the shoot, send a list of standard questions to the physicians, along with notes about what they should wear. Ask your physicians if they’d like to be interviewed in advance, but be careful not to over prepare. Your physicians should appear natural, conversational and not too rehearsed in the videos.

Ready to Roll
On the day you shoot the interviews, plan ahead to make your physicians as comfortable as possible.

Be flexible – learn to go with the flow and adapt during the shoot.

Also be inquisitive -- listen and let your expert share his/her thoughts. You may strike gold and you can always edit footage that isn’t needed at a later date.

After the Shoot
Analyze your footage to determine the best parts of the interview to keep and how to separate the video into multiple segments. YouTube has a number of free editing tools that can help with this and greatly improve the quality of your videos.

Don’t just post your new videos on YouTube. You should also embed it on your web pages, add a link or embed it on the physician’s bio and post it to your social media accounts.

Luck = Preparation + Opportunity
Understand that, when you begin, there will be room for improvement but you need to start somewhere. Consistency is the key to building a large library one video at a time.

To learn more, register here and plan to attend the 2017 SHSMD Connections concurrent session: Lights, Camera, Action: How to Roll Out a Winning Video Content Strategy With No Budget on Monday, September 25, 9:15–10:15 AM.

Posted July 4, 2017


Keith Whitworth, MBA
Director of Marketing
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Little Rock

Donna Hill
Marketing Strategist
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Little Rock, AR