The Time for a Mobile SEO Strategy is Now

By The SHSMD Team posted 08-23-2016 16:16



At the close of 2015, stats showed that 54% of all web searches were being performed on a mobile device. That percentage continues to grow. This means, building a search engine strategy solely focused on primary website traffic is not relevant to most of your online traffic!

We see that the healthcare digital space has caught onto the importance of website SEO and the necessity of mobile responsive design. However, we are not seeing many hospitals and health systems that recognize the quickly-approaching need for a mobile SEO strategy.

Google has been preparing for the mobile-centric world for a few years now. In April of 2015, Google launched a new search algorithm that factors mobile into SEO patterns. In fact, Lannie Byrd of Team SI confirmed to us the importance of staying ahead of the next SEO trends and the necessity to conform to Google’s algorithm, saying, “If you can accurately predict where the changes are coming next in Google’s algorithm and make the changes ahead of Google, you can jump over your competition in the rankings when Google makes a change.”

According to the Neilson Norman Group, Google is currently monitoring factors such as mobile page load times and indexing apps. It is clear that Google is focused on mobile. Given that Google is in charge of the SEO algorithms that we all rely on, we must focus on mobile as well.

The fact is, the time has come to build an SEO strategy around mobile and adapt the plan for our websites as well. If you haven’t revisited your SEO strategy in a while, you should do so now to be sure that you are approaching the SEO strategy in a mobile-first way.

By Kathy Divis | August 23, 2016
SHSMD Member