Dare to Innovate!

By The SHSMD Team posted 06-12-2018 11:41

With large, data-driven, consumer-oriented companies such as Google and Amazon planning to enter the health care space, hospitals and health systems must be ready to change and innovate in order to continue to be successful. However, most health care organizations are designed around the convenience of providers rather than patients or consumers.

“Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, and others are far superior at understanding customer needs and delivering value than most hospitals and health systems,” said Deborah S. Fullerton, vice president and chief marketing officer at AMITA Health. “This is true also for start-ups that bring a more market-focused approach. There is little doubt we’ll continue to see innovative disruption, particularly around the patient experience.”

How to Develop a Customer-Centric Approach
According to Fullerton, to attract and retain patients in this environment and to innovate with the disruptors, marketers need to continue to build a customer-centric culture throughout their organizations. To better understand this emerging shift, AMITA Health has partnered with Strategy Advantage. Through a consumerism retreat, the organization’s leadership focused on three arenas:

  • Digitalization: Leveraging data/technology to enhance or complement care
  • Retailization: Offering services anytime and anywhere, with “shopper” information readily available
  • Consumerization: Considering all strategies and decisions through the lens of the consumer

As a result of brainstorming and idea generation, AMITA Health implemented a wide range of strategies, including constructing immediate care centers in suburban shopping centers, offering virtual video visits for common ailments and behavioral health services, and creating a patient-generated app to simplify care plans.

Digitize. Retailize. Comsumerize.
In a recent issue of SHSMD’s Spectrum member newsletter, Fullerton details AMITA Health’s robust consumer-focused strategies and results.

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