Jaime Collins

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I'm an experienced health care leader and seasoned communications pro. As a transgender woman, I am also an insightful advocate for diversity. And as an Iron distance triathlete, I am a lifelong proponent of living well.

Supremely fortunate is how I feel to be surrounded by a remarkable team with a relentless drive to rise above. Our 150% net revenue growth in the past 5 years is one way to measure our success. The top tiers in the nation in patient satisfaction is another. There's also our industry leading yet still continually rising levels of employee engagement. And finally, I'm especially proud of our increasing volumes and corresponding sea changes in market share and outmigration. I am HONORED to be here working hard to make magic happen every day. I learn from my team, and together, we are creating a very special health care organization here in southwest Wisconsin.

My experience is diverse -- including manufacturing, retail banking, hospitality, and education. Yet, my special expertise (health care) is true expertise. I research, envision, plan, create, collaborate, write, re-write, and innovate in ways that shine a bright light the greatness of the people I work with. I do it with passion because they do it with passion -- the only way to do healthcare.