Ty Allen

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In 2014 I was injured in an accident. I had a spinal cord injury and a fractured neck. As I went through a year-long rehab process where I learned to walk again and to use my hands and arms again I was very frustrated with the lack of marketing and messaging data available to help me choose the physicians and therapists that would help me. 

Today SocialClimb is helping practices and hospitals attract the patients they need via a suite of easy-to-use marketing tools anyone can use effectively. 

I am passionate about making market tools that are easy to use, deliver results, and actually enable ROI tracking for every dollar spent. I have been building marketing technology for 20+ years and SocialClimb is truly the most fulfilling effort I have made. 

I live in Utah and love the outdoors. My wife and I have 5 daughters and one granddaughter. Outside of SocialClimb I love to mountain bike, and golf.