Dr. Emerson Smith

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PRIMARY: (803)256-8694

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Research sociologist, speaker, educator in health care, legal services and aviation with a focus on helping organizations create a strategy, write policy, make decisions and create innovative approaches through objective social science research and analysis. Biotech and aerospace connections. Methods include survey research and targeted focus groups. Contact us:

Strategist, speaker, and survey researcher on healthcare services, including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician practices, disease management, health insurance, treatment outcome evaluation, patient safety and medical errors, physicians and pharmaceutical, biotech and drug development.

Also work to bring US and European businesses into cooperative relationships and investment in other countries using community and perception surveys. Biotech. Aerospace.

Works with law firms as trial and jury consultant for civil cases. Attorney and law firm satisfaction and improvement.

Offices in Columbia SC and Dallas TX.

Specialties: White papers, research reports based on mail and phone surveys, one-on-one interviews, focused discussion groups, and literature reviews. Keynote speaker on using aviation model for healthcare and business improvement. Leads for economic development and investment in US and European Union in biotech, aerospace and other industries.