Developing Digital Strategies in Healthcare for 2017 and Beyond

When:  Jul 19, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (CT)
Consumers increasingly turn to search for answers to health needs, questions and concerns. Searching online is often the first experience consumers have with your brand or serves as the one of the main entrance points to your website. In 2017, you need to not only make sure you are meeting consumers where they are but also are making them feel empowered and provide a seamless online experience.

Healthcare organizations are beginning to take notice as they invest more marketing resources in the digital space. According to eMarketer, healthcare and pharma marketers invested $1.67 billion in digital media in 2015. That number was expected to increase by 15.4% by the end of 2016, reaching $1.93 billion.

During this SHSMD U webcast, Bluespire’s lead healthcare strategist and digital strategy expert will review spending regularities in the industry, cover emerging trends and outline specific search tactics that are available to healthcare marketers. They’ll also show why content and information on healthcare websites is a crucial component to SEO strategy and delivering on a positive online experience.


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